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     Welcome to Cinnaminn's Reading Corner! *S* Just in case we haven't met or chatted yet in Fantassia's Palace, ICQ, or through one of my web pages, my RT name is Cheryl but I use the name of "Cinnaminn" or "Cinn" when I'm online. If you want to know more about me, please visit some of my other web pages as shown in my links.
comfy seatPlease feel free to sit or lay down on the comfy sofa you will find here. Kick your shoes off and make yourself right at home! *S* Relax and enjoy yourself!
     This is the place where you will find my collection of poems and stories along with a few jokes and fun tests that I have gotten from different places on the 'net or received in my e-mail from friends. One of these days, I will try to be adding my bookmarks for graphic sites that I've collected since I first started online. *L* But be warned!!!!.....I have quite a pile of bookmarks especially when it comes to graphic sites.....I just can't seem to resist them! *grin* (But I will break my list down into alphabetized sections/pages to make them easier to read! *S*)
     Since this is my virtual library, I am trying to have a small variety of different things for your reading pleasure. *S* I hope that you will find at least a few things here that will bring a smile to your face or maybe a laugh or two?!?! I'm sure you will find words that will touch your heart or give you a reason to stop and think while you're here as well. There is also a "reference room" that I hope you will find very useful and it's meant for people of all ages, including kids.
     Please feel free to visit my POW/MIA pages
 (Prisoners-Of-War/Missing-In-Action) that I have been working on. I adopted Louis Buckley, Jr. as my POW/MIA from Operation Just Cause and I am doing some research to learn more about him. I hope that we can bring him as well as others back home where they belong. I eventually hope to have Remembrance Pages up for all the Michigan Vietnam POW/MIAs that are unaccounted for since the war officially ended in 1973. We need to bring our Heroes back home where they belong!
     On the next page, you will find my TOC page (a table of contents page) which will give you a list of what you will find available for your reading pleasure while visiting my library. *S* I hope you enjoy what I have found and placed here to share with everyone. Please e-mail me if you have some poetry, jokes, or stories that you would like to see here....just remember that it has to be something that is appropriate for people of all ages to read, please! And if you know who the author is of some of the poetry that I have marked as "Author Unknown," please e-mail me since I would like to give each of the authors the appropriate credit for their work if possible.
     I hope you will enjoy your visit here and will come back often to see the new additions to this site. *S* Please be sure to sign my guestbook before you leave my library so that I will know you stopped by!

Thank you for visiting my reading corner today!

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