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     Hello and welcome to my pages in honor and remembrance of all POW/MIAs but especially of those from Michigan since it is my home state.
     I recently adopted a POW/MIA soldier named Louis Buckley, Jr. from Detroit, MI, after doing some reading about "Operation Just Cause" (a.k.a. "OJC" or "OpJC") and their main objective which is "to achieve the fullest possible accounting of Americans missing and unaccounted during the Vietnam war and all wars."
     Before reading about OJC, I had never really stopped to think much about the Vietnam war. I assumed, like so many others have done, that all or almost all of our POW/MIAs were returned back home after awhile, not knowing about the numbers of reports and sightings of those still missing.
     Did you know that there are still at least 2,043 Vietnam POW/MIAs (63 are from Michigan) who remain unaccounted for according to the latest SEA (Southeast Asia) list from the DPMO (Defense Defense POW/Missing Personnel) ?!?!? All of the POW/MIAs listed on that report have been declared legally dead including those last known alive as of February 1996!!!!!
     We owe it to our POW/MIAs to get our government to bring them back home! Those still alive deserve to be reunited with their family and friends; those who have died deserve to be buried back home and bring a sense of closure to their loved ones who have been waiting, wondering, and hoping for far too long!
     If you would like to help in bringing our Heroes back home, please contact (by e-mail, "snail" mail, and/or fax) the President, the First Lady, the Vice-President and his wife as well as your Senators and Representatives in Congress. Please visit OJC's Government Contact Page or the POW/MIA Freedom Fighters' "Operation Pressure" page if you would like more addresses or for some examples of what to say in your letter. The POW/MIA Freedom Fighters page will also give you some very useful ideas in sending out your letters. You can also help by participating in one of the POW/MIA Awareness Campaigns or by getting involved as described here or joining in on OJC's Yellow Ribbon Campaign. You can also adopt a POW/MIA of your own from either the OJC or POW/MIA Freedom Fighters websites.
     Within my website, I hope to include the biographies for the 63 Michigan POW/MIAs who are yet unaccounted for and provide links to sites that I think are interesting and/or useful in learning more about POW/MIAs and related subject matter.

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